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inspirational activity and educational programmes for children

Portfolio of Products

Each AEG business is developed to appeal to the needs of the participating children (and parents), and has its own unique brand.  The Group includes brands that provide children’s holiday childcare and English language programmes to International students.  We are continually developing our products and may create additional businesses over time.  Schools can utilise one or multiple business products to appeal to a wide range of children and interests.

Ultimate Activity Camps 

Activity day camps run during the school holidays where children aged 4 – 14 years will enjoy over 40 exciting, stimulating and engaging activities delivered by qualified and inspiring staff. Ofsted registered and delivered from outstanding school facilities, the Ultimate Activity programme also allows for choice and ensures the highest level of welfare and care is provided to all children. For international children at selected locations, we offer daily English lessons and the opportunity to learn English by participating in activities with English children.  Visit the website.

Ultimate Survival Camps 

At selected locations, adventurers aged 7 to 14 years can go wild during the summer holidays with our Ofsted-registered Ultimate Survival programme. With the primary function of delivering a very high level of care and welfare, children enjoy fun and adventurous outdoor summer day camps, being fully-immersed in the natural environment, learning “survival” skills while trying brilliant outdoor activities and games, and making new friends! Visit the website.

Varsity International

Learn English by intergrating with English children on our exciting programme of summer language courses where international children take part in activities with English children. As well as progressive English lessons, international children will enjoy exciting activities or sports coaching academies alongside English children, education through immersion and lots of fun. Varsity International offers non-residential and residential options at some of the best UK schools in outstanding locations where children (and parents) will enjoy unique English culture and heritage. Visit the website.

Ultimate Sports Academies

Ultimate Sports Academies use the highest quality coaches to deliver progressive courses designed to improve young athletes. Our Star Coach works with every group, teaching the skills they have perfected through their career, adding another layer of inspiration and an insight into performing at the highest level. Star coaches are usually ex national or international level players and coaches that work directly with the children to help improve their skills and inspire them in their chosen sport.
Run during the school holidays at outstanding venues, children will leave our academies with new skills and a new enthusiasm for their chosen sport. Visit the website.

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